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Art Restoration & Conservation

It’s important to preserve your valuable artworks and valuable. We provide a range of conservation and restoration service to both repair damaged art and preserve it over time. 

Art Restoration Before and After
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The Art Destroyers

Artworks are susceptible to various environmental factors, including pollution, grime, mold, insects, flies, sunlight-induced fading, and damage resulting from improper framing. All these elements can significantly impact the condition of your valuable artwork or precious keepsake.

Art Restoration Service

If you have an artwork that has been damaged due to any of the above factors, we have expert art restorers that use specialized techniques to bring your art back to life. 

We will then help you to frame your artwork with frame materials that will keep it safe from environmental factors and will prevent further damage. Come in store to see our staff for a quote. 

Art Restoration Melboune

Framing Memorabila & Keepsakes

We often have people wanting to frame memorabilia and important keepsakes. We can work with you to frame any important item that you want to display on your walls. All you need to do in come in for a quote. 

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