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Canvas Stretching & Framing

We've seen many un-stretched canvases come through our doors to be stretched onto a stretcher frame. Adding a floating canvas frame to your artwork elevates the look and completed the artwork. 

Canvas Floating Frame
Large Stretched Canvas Print Decor Melbourne

Canvas Stretching:

It's common when you buy art from overseas or interstate that it comes un-stretched. We provide a simple canvas stretching service that gets your art ready to be hung on your walls. 

We can stretch any canvas big or small and have a special bracing system to keep larger pieces stretched and stable. 

Canvas Floating Frames:

Elevate your stretched canvas with a canvas floating framing. We have dozens of floating frame options for you to choose from. 

Fun fact: it's called a 'floating frame' because there will often be a small gap between the art the frame that sits around it, which makes the canvas appear to be floating in the frame. 

Oak Canvas Floating Frames
Print Decor Canvas Frames

Canvas Frame Options: 

We have a wide selection of canvas floating frames which include all shades of natural wood, simple black or white and choices of gold, silver and champagne. 

Canvas can actually be framed in any frame you want, so if you had another idea for your artwork, we're happy to accomodate. 

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