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Conservation Framing

When cheap and low quality materials are used for framing, they have acidic properties which break down your art over time. We use the highest quality materials that are acid free to ensure your art stays well preserved over time. Factors such as backing board, mat board and glass all go a long way to keeping your art in great condition for the years to come. 

Ornate Gold Frame with Black Matt
Uv Art Glass for Picture Framing

The Most Destructive Factor To Your Art 

Sun exposure is the single most destructive factor to your artwork and keepsakes. Well we have a solution. We offer UV protective Art Glass. This glass is not only 99% UV protective, it is non reflective and has been made to look like it's not there. Designed from NASA glass technology, this art glass will protect and preserve your art for years to come, and makes it look better than ever. 

Protect Against Art Destroying Elements

Pre made and cheaper low quality framing materials contain acid in the glue and backing boards. As you can see, it creates acidic spots and breaks down the paper over time. Conservation framing would include acid free backing and conservation mat boards and acid free hinging tapes. The glass would be raised at least 2 to 5 mm above the artwork creating an air pocket which would prevent the water condensation and resultant mould. 

Art Conservation Framing
Modern Style Black Framed Artwork

The Utmost Care Factor

Whether it's a wedding or family photo, special certificate, valuable artwork or family memorabilia, we understand how important it is to you. Which is why we treat your items with the utmost care and importance. We will help you to create a frame design that makes your piece special and unique. 

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