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Custom Made Mirrors

When designing a home, it's important to get the right mirror with perfect size specifications. We can create slimline and aluminium bathroom mirrors, custom art decor mirrors, mirrors to any shape including arched, pebble and oval shapes and any mirror with our range of hundreds of frames. Visit us in store to go over mirror design or send us a message and we can give you a quote. 

Custom Oval Bathroom Mirror
Custom Made Arched Brass Metal Framed Mirror

Custom Bathroom Mirrors

We can custom design the perfect bathroom mirror for you in any shape or size. All we need is the measurements and specifications. 

Our aluminum frames are suited to bathrooms, as they are water resistant. We are able to custom make slim line metal framed mirrors and arched metal framed mirrors. Looking for some inspiration? Shop our range of bathroom mirrors.

Custom Art Deco Mirrors

There is something about mid-century art deco charm. We can custom create any style of art deco mirror, which will be a decor item in itself. 

Looking for some inspiration? Shop our range of art decor mirrors on our mirrors site.

Custom Made Art Decor Mirror
Antique Glass Custom Mirror Print Decor Melbourne

Create a mirror tailored to your exact design and measurments

Whether it's a grand ornate decorative mirror, an antiqued glass mirror or a simple plain mirror, we can help you to create the exact mirror you need. Get in touch with our friendly staff who will go through the design process with you to make the mirror you've been looking for. 

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