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Custom Picture Framing

We provide modern picture framing with traditional care and service. We've been in the business for over 30 years. With experience under our belts, we are able to give expert framing advice and design options. 

Custom Framing Design Consultation

At Print Decor, our Malvern-based shop offers a personalised picture framing service that brings your piece to life. Whether it's a work of art, print, tapestry, mirror, or almost anything else, our team of skilled picture framing designers are here to assist you.

We guide you through the process of selecting the perfect frame and mat board, the coloured border that surrounds your artwork. We will take you through the different design options, as well as offering advise on preservation of your art. We use the highest quality materials that are acid - free, which means they won’t corrode your art over time. We will go over various glass options to help choose the one that is right for you. Our goal is to harmonise your chosen frame and mat board with your artwork and the decor of the intended display space.

To achieve this, we present you with an extensive selection of frame samples to explore, encompassing various sizes of frames, materials, styles, and finishes of frame. 

Each combination will convey a different feel and message - so getting that right with a trained picture framing consultant is very important.

Picture Frame Design Consultant Print Decor Malvern

Frame Design Consultation:

We encourage you to come in for a framing consultation with any artwork you need framed. We provide a free framing consultation where  our staff will provide expert advice and design options.

Here is what we will go over:


1. Our staff will go over any ideas on what you think works best for the artwork and design. Your personal taste is an important factor in frame design.

What we cover: 

2. Bring in any photos you have of your home and where you plan to hang your art. You can also bring photos of other art you have in your home, as well as any inspiration you may have for frame. This all helps for staff to make suggestions and nail the frame design. 

Oak Wood Box Picture Framing in Home
Custom Framing Wall Display Print Decor Melbourne

What we cover: 

3. We will then go over frame and mat options. We have 10 sliding panels worth of frame options. Anything from simple timber or aluminium frames to grand ornate gold and silver frames and everything in between. 

We will choose mat board options that suit the frame and art. We have hundreds of mat colour options. We can create single, double, floating or even triple mat options.

What we cover: 

4. After we have worked out the frame design, we will go over the overall frame size and various conservation options. We can provide various quality of acid free mat boards, acid free backing board, whether we glue it down or hinge it and we will go over clear glass, non reflective glass, perspex or UV Protection glass. Our staff will provide the various pros and cons of all these options to help you to decide.

Conservation UV Art Glass
Client with Framed Limited Edition Artwork Print Decor Melbourne

What we cover: 

4. Once we've gone over all the specifics, it's time to get into action and turn your frame design into a reality. We take great care to ensure your art is well cared for and framed to exact specifications. When the framing is complete, we will give you a call so you can come collect your finished piece. We can help with with recommending delivery and hanging services if needed.

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