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The Benefits of Picture Framing in Melbourne

Whether you have a family heirloom, a portrait of your loved ones, or a valuable collectible hand-signed print, custom framing is advisable. A custom frame not only makes the artwork uniquely yours, it helps to preserve the quality of your art for years to come.

Not all frames are created equal. Many mass-produced, ready-made framing materials contain acids and lack the necessary UV resistance, posing potential harm to your precious artwork. The consequences of selecting an incorrect frame and glass for your valuable possessions can manifest in discolouration and the breakdown of your art over time.

We strongly recommend considering a custom frame in Melbourne, ensuring the safety of your artwork from discolouration and protection against the damaging effects of UV light and acidic materials.

Choosing custom framing also grants you the invaluable expertise of professionals who have dedicated years to working with precious art and memorabilia. Their guidance enables you to make informed selections regarding frames and materials that will safeguard your art over time.

Custom framing allows you to add your personal touch into the artwork, incorporating framing materials that are uniquely tailored to your taste. This will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your art and add to your home decor.

Once you've decided to engage with Melbourne-based framers, you gain access to an extensive catalog of framing materials. Our extensive collection has every possible frame you could think of. Including modern and ornate designer frames from Italy, as well as straightforward, budget-friendly options. We offer a diverse selection of finishes, including natural wood, black, white, and metallic, alongside "floating" frames ideal for canvas artworks.

With our expert guidance, you can explore countless possibilities to ensure that your artwork adds sophistication and enhances the beauty of its surroundings.

Come visit us in store to get a free custom framing consultation.

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